Discreet, intelligent, and widely known, Erwin was an able commander

Erwin Smith ( ?????????  Eruvin Sumisu ? ) was the fresh 13th commander ( ??  Dancho ? ) of your own Survey Corps. As he cared deeply to have his people, he didn’t hesitate to give up them to your a beneficial and you will prosperity regarding mankind, and his awesome people turned out more than willing to share their lifestyle at the his acquisition. During the Erwin’s community he created the Enough time-Length Adversary Scouting Formation, and you may because of suspicion on their future, he after entitled Hange Zoe as his replacement. [5]


Erwin had a dominating presence, standing significant over extremely members of this new Questionnaire Corps, along with a rather muscle build with his blonde tresses kept nicely parted to the kept front.

Erwin constantly wore a peaceful and you may amassed phrase for the their deal with, together with cool blue-eyes getting one of his most hitting has. His eyebrows was in fact as well as slightly obvious, becoming extremely dense and you can bushy.

Erwin generally speaking dressed in the product quality armed forces consistent, putting on the fresh Questionnaire Corps’ signature eco-friendly cape whenever towards missions. He including used a tiny, emerald bolo tie as much as their neck similar to the almost every other armed forces commanders, Nile Dok and you will Dot Pixis.

Following the 2nd appearance of this new Armored Titan, Erwin shed his best sleeve following next his shoulder because it was bitten away from by good Titan. [6]


Erwin is an intricate character, portrayed while the big, figuring, and always planning far subsequently. While he trusted their boys, he had been the first ever to realize that there was an effective spy interfering with the new Questionnaire Corps, and you will managed to built a fair conditions in order to decide which out-of his soldiers to trust having vital information, and and therefore to save at nighttime. A keen eloquent presenter, Erwin were able to swing the majority of people, such as the military tribunal stored to judge Eren additionally the trainees to the choosing hence employment twigs to become listed on.

Erwin was tend to named an extremely grim individual. The guy accepted all of the news, a otherwise crappy, mockery or supplement, with the exact same stoic ideas. His holy grail are having humanity so you’re able to once more rise and get the latest principal species along side Titans, a goal he had been ready to compromise anything getting, particularly when buying folk to save Eren even after are caught on oral cavity of an excellent Titan, evoking the death of their proper arm. [6]

The guy common this specific stoic quality that have people eg Garrison Frontrunner Mark Pixis, group chief Ian Dietrich, and Frontrunner-in-Master Darius Zackly. Because Armin Arlert put it, Erwin, for instance the the second about three guys, had the ability to upload their guys to die if it perform subsequent the cause of humankind. He and additionally they perform give up their particular mankind so you’re able to offer change to a world in which people that do not give up anything crucial that you him or her does not changes something. Once the he was able to make such as for instance duties, he had been a master strategist, found many times through strategies such as for instance capturing the female Titan and you can top a team of Titans so you can distract the new Armored Titan thus brand new armed forces could save Eren.

However, behind their front off warranty and single-oriented determination, Erwin nevertheless held his very own individual ideals and you will requested their own motives. Adopting the rebellion, he admitted he know his audacious strategies and asked constantly in the event that what he was doing try the right point. [7] Darius Zackly and you can Mark Pixis had been along with aware of so it, which have Zackly hypothesizing that Erwin did not it is love humanity’s needs, [8] and you may Pixis openly accusing Erwin of compassionate a little more about his or her own existence versus emergency off humankind overall. [9]

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