I love the convenience and level of service being provided (typically) – but the industry needs to mature

Taxis are horrible and have a whole host of issues of their own, but the fact that there are two sets of models providing the exact same service at the end of the day with two different cost structures and legal requirements doesn’t quite add up. Regulate them all on a level playing field (wherever that may end up) and let them have at it.

Uber actually changed their insurance policy starting where they cover drivers at all times once they go online eg going to pick up a passenger or look for fares.

It’ll be interesting to see how things pan out! The accident risk is a real one that people need to factor in.

A few months ago I know they announced a partnership with Metromile to offer drivers coverage through them and avoid any policy holes – but haven’t heard much of it since.

Either way – definitely a step in the right direction…but still, in the long run will be interesting to see what happens with the driver classifications and benefits discussions. Not just for Uber & Lyft but for a lot of the companies using 1099 classifications – it’s probably going to determine the future for a lot of them. At this point Uber will be fine either way. Great job with some great on the ground first-hand reporting!

Interesting, good to hear! Also just came across this recent article that I had previously missed that covers this topic –

Thanks for sharing. From your experience, I probably would drive just enough to get all the bonuses. It sounds like a good side hustle for someone trying to fill the gap, but probably not worth the time for more established people. Like Ali said above, I’d probably go with something else more fulfilling.

That’s actually really good to hear

I suppose when you think about it as a full time job, then it may not be all that great Dating arabische Frauen, although pretty decent considering all you need is a smartphone and a working/decent car. A $15+/hr rate for job like that is a solid wage higher than say retail or fast food at $8-10/hr.

Alternatively, if you can work around the busiest/highest fare times with another job, and come to drive a few hours per week during busy hours, you could really boost the overall income picture.

I would love to try being an Uber driver, but I’m just too busy right now

Yes, it makes sense to sign up and drive once you get the bonuses and stop if the fares keep on getting cut.

It’s not a bad side gig if you want to make money quickly, are bored out of your mind, or can drive during the surge times.

I was just curious what it was like and it made for a good story. All my friends thought I was crazy. But I kind of cheated. I would just volunteer to drive and would have one of my friends use the promo code for $25 on their first ride.

FS, your first customer was a hooker. She gave you a lot of openings (brunch? met a man outside a bar after closing? but he didn’t soil her? from out of town but meeting so many nice men? she’s bored with her home life and wants an open marriage? gave you one last chance at the end?). It has to be the trick’s idea, and she didn’t want to pay for the Uber ride if she could get it to be your idea. As you think back on the conversation from this perspective, it will add up. Especially her destination of ‘a random warehouse.’

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